Project Description

At the end of 2017, NPA undertook the refurbishment of the neon components from the iconic Boags Brewery signage.

After 40 years (!) of operation, the sign was taken down for a refresh.  The original design and structure of the sign was kept the same to maintain its landmark look and heritage.

In remaking all of the neon, NPA was focussed on ensuring the longevity of the refurbishment by considering every minor detail and using quality materials suitable for the location.  All of the neon letters were made in traditional clear glass pumped with neon (red) gas.  The neon returns were directed upwards so that the insulating sleeves faced downwards; preventing any possible moisture or foreign materials gathering within the sleeves.  Glass tube supports with nickel plated tie wire were used to secure the neon to the metal letters, as these have a higher tolerance to UV.  F.A.R.T. iron core transformers were used to power all of the neon.

Once the neon was made, it was installed into the letters and carefully packaged to be freighted to Tasmania.

The sign was successfully installed, back up and running – ready for another 40 years!

If you would like to read more about our Boags Brewery refurbishment – have a read of our blog on “The Launceston Landmark“.


Install / Project / Photo credits:  NPA Lighting, Tones Electrical, Doc Signs, Boags Brewery.