Project Description

Scion Southport is a high-end apartment building in the heart of the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Built in early-mid 2019, NPA Lighting was commissioned to develop a feature lighting design that would enhance and identify the new development.

Initial concepts were created based on briefs between the owner and NPA directly.  The main focus of the design was to be customisable, bold and cohesive. To then progress the project from concept to plan, NPA worked with builders, developers and council to ensure practicality of install and approvals.  A custom lighting design was developed that incorporated all aspects of the build, desired results, required timeframe, practicality, quality products and effective control systems.

Eagle 3 LED modules were used to create a glowing halo effect for the main external building signage, in an ambient warm white colour temperature.

A wash illumination across engraved wall signage was created using Callisto Linear Floods, installed inconspicuously around existing building elements.

RGBW Pixel LED “Glow” Flex was used to create a unique and recognisable architectural feature.  Three vertical runs of LED extended the length of the main facade.  A matching, smaller installation was incorporated into the main entry foyer, internally.  This lighting was controlled by LED CTRL pixel mapping software, which creates unlimited animation effects and allows for synchronous or independent control of the two feature installations.

The innovative lighting solution specifically designed for this project created a recognisable feature out of the Scion building, that makes it stand out from surrounding architecture.  The lighting creates ambience, excitement and vitality, whilst the animation is a point of difference and a talking point amongst locals and visitors.


Design / Install / Project / Photo credits: NPA Lighting, Scion Southport, Kyronn.