Project Description

The making of a digital neon clock – The “Nemesis Clock”

It all started with an artist’s concept and design drawing of a digital neon clock that would also display a moral statement.

That artist was Lull Studios and they brought that initial concept to SPARC Design & NPA Lighting. It was then our job to figure out how exactly to achieve the desired result and work closely with the artists along the way to ensure that everything was as they wanted.

The final piece contained around 40 x sections of handmade neon, 33 x power supplies, 6 x custom programmed clock controllers, 1 x custom fabricated cabinet and 2 x 316 stainless steel blades. All of this was transported from our studio warehouse in the Gold Coast hinterland down to the Coffs Harbour Courthouse and installed by SPARC/NPA 9m high on a concrete wall (without a scissor lift we might add!).

Lull Studios explains the concept behind this creation: “When the number of hours is less than the number of minutes, the moral standing of the human is in credit. But when the hours are greater in number than the minutes, the moral order flips and the human’s ethical account is in arrears. For one, and only one, minute in each hour, there is perfect equilibrium.

The concept of ‘taking a chance’ signifies an act of self-assertion in society that could go well or ill. It could even land you in court. The concept of ‘giving a chance’ speaks to a necessary humanitarian relationship with others, of philanthropy and forgiveness. We live, we learn and the clock goes ’round’.”

“Nemesis Clock” Artist: Lull Studios
Photographer: Adrian Boddy
Manufacture & Install: SPARC Design & NPA Lighting