• Features

    • Compact size
    • In-built open circuit and overload protection

    • Dimming/animating capabilities
    • Low voltage input, 12V



    For further technical information please download our Product data sheet.
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  • Features

    • 64 selectable programs
    • ABS watertight box IP66 rated
    • Aluminium base used as heatsink
    • Easy and fast installation
    • Four fixing points
    • Large internal space for wiring
    • Bipolar and ground terminal for each input/output
    • Input/output glands to box
    • Electronics in resin
    • Zero crossover system
    • Continuity of ground connection
    • High capacity overload triacs


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  • Description

    The 8kV mini Multi Function Electronic Transformer is a compact, electronic neon transformer with internal safety features that initiate when an open output, broken tube or excess load is detected.  This transformer has function and speed control.


    • black 2-pin plug and lead (input connection)
    • 1m high voltage lead (output connection)

    • internal overload power-off device
    • compact size


    Technical Information

    The 8kV mini Electronic Transformer is conveniently fitted with an overload power-off device.  This feature prevents the installer from damaging the transformer by putting too much glass into the circuit.  However, this feature may cause nuisance tripping if the transformer is loaded to just within the maximum limit (refer to data sheet).  This is due to the fact that the supply voltage and the load conditions will fluctuate slightly during operation.  To avoid this nuisance tripping, it is recommended to bench test the sign and transformer with an extra 300mm length of 15mm Argon (blue gas) filled tubing.  If the transformer does not shut down with this extra load, then you can be confident that the loading is correct. In case of automatic overload power-off, the transformer will then attempt to restart up to 3 times within 10 seconds.  Short bursts of power (flashing) are generated during these 10 seconds. To reset device: switch power off (for at least 10 seconds), correct the fault and then switch power back on.


    For further technical information please download our Product data sheet.
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  • Features

    • Leading edge dimmer
    • In-built potentiometer for automatic level adjustment
    • IP55 rated case
    • HBC fuse protection
    • 6A output
    • Ability to be used on incandescent and neon lighting systems
    • Dimensions: 150x86x74mm (including knob)
    • 230VAC 50/60Hz power supply
    • 5 year warranty


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  • Features

    • Can be used as either a dimmer or a flasher for neon applications

    • Ability to operate from 240VAC or 12VDC

    • To be used with T2 electronic transformers, gating version


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