The AXA Wall Mounted DALI Dimmer is a dimmer module made to dim DALI compatible ballasts and drivers.  Lights can be switched on and off by simply pressing the knob, and can be dimmed up and down by rotating the knob.  The unit operates in DALI broadcast mode, so no complicated addressing of fixtures is required.  The unit features a built in DALI power supply and can also directly integrate with any motion sensor with a 240V output.

Although the unit is configured to function straight out of the box, additional functionality can be accessed by holding down the knob to enter programming mode.  Functions such as minimum level, turn on level, sensor mode and sensor run on time can all be adjusted while in programming mode



  • No programming required, basic functionality achieved immediately
  • No extra components or separate power supplies required
  • Can be integrated to any 240V motion sensor and can be configured for advanced functionality
  • Can be configured as a time delay switch for store rooms, stairwells etc..
  • Standard Australian switch size to fit standard wall box or bracket
  • Custom finishes and functionality available on request



For further technical information please download our Product data sheet.